Spring Dance              Friday                  April 5                         Gilbert & David Kautz Orchestra

Fall Dance                  Friday                   September 20              Gilbert & David Kautz Orchestra

Christmas Dance           Thursday                 December 5                     Gilbert & David Kautz Orchestra

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Founded in 1940, the Mayfair Dance Club is a cornerstone of modern Austin history. It began as a small formal ballroom dance club, formed to provide a social venue for congeniality and partner dancing to live orchestral music.

In 1948, the Mayfair officers made an agreement with the historic Austin Club, which has been the site of all dance events hosted by the organization since.

The Mayfair Dance Club is a private and prestigious, nonprofit social organization with a membership that is limited to 100 couples. The club presents three formal (black tie) events per year with an orchestra playing dance music of the big band era mixed with contemporary dance music.

All dances are held in downtown Austin at The Austin Club, 110 East 9th Street. dances are 7:30pm - 11:00pm. Breakfast is served at 10:00pm.